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      1. Powered Bookshelf Speakers

        Edifier's collection of bookshelf speakers are so much more than music. For everyday enjoyment or for that special occasion. There is a speaker that suits all your audio needs — and your wallet.

        Hi-Res Audio Certified Powered Speakers
        • Four EQ Modes
        • Hi-Res Audio Certified
        • Titanium-laminate dome treble driver
        Designed by Phil Jones
        • 6.5-inch Woofer
        • 65mm Ribbon Tweeter
        • Bluetooth, USB, optical, RCA inputs
        Audiophile Quality Designed by Phil Jones
        • 5.5-inch Woofer
        • Phase Correcting Ribbon Tweeter
        • Optical, RCA, AUX, Bluetooth
        Hi-Res Audio Designed By Phil Jones
        • Hi-res audio certified
        • Built-in Amplifier
        • Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth 4.1 aptX, RCA, AUX, and USB Inputs
        Versatile speakers equipped to deliver an authentic listening experience.
        • Pair devices via Bluetooth
        • High-gloss piano finish for a stylish look
        • Connect any device with Optical and dual RCA inputs
        Multifunctional speakers for your everyday needs
        • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dynamic Range Control (DRC) limits distortion
        • Bluetooth pairing capability
        • Slick wireless remote is small enough to fit in your pocket
        Hi-Fi 2.0 Active Bookshelf Speakers
        • Wooden side panels and black matte finish
        • Advanced titanium dome tweeter
        • Connect wirelessly with Bluetooth aptX?
        Technology. Style. Utility. You can have it all.
        • Universal power supply (100-240V)
        • Dual RCA inputs for connectivity to multiple audio sources
        • Wireless remote control for volume adjustment and mute
        Newly upgraded version of an instant classic
        • RCA/AUX, Bluetooth, Optical, and Coaxial Connection
        • Newly redesigned remote with new features
        • Speaker cable connects the speakers together
        Powered Bluetooth Speakers
        • Connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time
        • Speaker wire only for connecting the speakers together
        • Built-in amplifier eliminates need for amplifier/receiver
        Subwoofer Supported Bookshelf Speakers
        • INPUTS – RCA/Aux, Optical/Coaxial, Bluetooth for convenience
        • TREBLE/BASS CONTROL, SUB-LINE OUT - Adjust bass, treble, volume and toggle inputs on rear panel.
        • WIRELESS REMOTE – Handy compact remote control for input selection, volume adjustment and track control for Bluetooth devices.
        Studio-quality 2.0 speaker system with dual RCA input.
        • EASY INSTALLATION – Suitable for desktops, laptops, TV, record players and much more
        • ACTIVE SPEAKER – No need for amplifier or receiver just plug into source and play
        • ENHANCED BASS SOUND – Flared bass reflex port enhances bass sounds overall
        The Step Beyond Sound
        • Full wooden side panel finish achieves an elegant and luxurious look
        • Four EQ Modes: Vocal, Monitor, Classic, and Dynamic
        • Included wireless remote for audio input, volume adjustment and mode switching
        • Inputs supported: coaxial, optical, RCA, AUX, and Bluetooth