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      1. Edifier Accessories

        It’s been weeks and you still can’t find the remote to your Edifier speakers? Not to worry, we can help. We will get these accessories to you as soon as possible so you can get back to enjoying your Edifier speakers.

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        Luna Speaker Stands

        Use your speakers as a décor statement in a whole new way. Speaker stands will not only free up floor or bookshelf space but also create a whole new listening experience. By having the speakers at ear level you can now listen to every minimal sound. For less clutter, the wires are hidden inside the stand for a clean look. Accompanied with mounting hardware, long speaker cable, optical cable and auxiliary cable extension.

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        Wireless remote

        Stylish wireless remote helps you control your out-of-the-box speakers. From slick, stylish remotes, to dome shapes with LED lights, these controllers will put power back in your hands. So small it can fit in your pocket. Control volume, track navigation and play/pause features.

        Wired remote

        You may think wireless remotes are better than wired, but wait until you see Edifier’s wired remotes. Featuring unique shapes, LED indicator lights and LCD displays, you may even say they are cooler than wireless remotes. Control volume, track navigation and power.

        Speaker cable

        Spread your speakers further apart. With a three-metre speaker cable you can now experience surround sound with Edifier’s desktop speakers. Edifier also carriers replacement for original speaker cables if you misplaced or accidentally damaged it.

        Power Adapters

        A reliable power source is the fundamemtal factor for audio performance. Using Edifier original power adapters ensures high quality audio from your Edifier products.