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        Resonant sound with a resonance free cabinet

        P17 Passive Bookshelf Speakers

        Resonant sound with a resonance free cabinet

        Silk dome tweeters

        19mm tweeters create rich highs for crisp, clear treble along with high quality crossovers.

        Nomex bass driver

        4" bass driver and a 6 ohm impedance provides deep, punchy bass response.

        Wall-mount brackets

        Mount them as rear speakers or just hang them. MDF enclosure reduces vibration.

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        Passive Bookshelf Speakers

        • Premium MDF wooden enclosure to reduce cabinet resonance
        • 3?4 inch (19mm) silk dome tweeter provides accurate high frequency response
        • 4-inch (116mm) driver produces solid low frequency response
        • High-quality crossovers ensure balanced audio equalisation
        In stock
        AUD $ 116 AUD $ 139.99
        Year Warranty 30 Day Return Policy


        Passive Bookshelf Speakers

        Elegant Passive Bookshelf Speakers

        The P17 is a set of passive bookshelf speakers that give you the freedom to amplify and press the boundaries of sound.
        * An external amplifier or receiver is required.

        Solid Built MDF Enclosure

        The P17 passive speakers use market proven MDF enclosures for the classic designed cabinets. These enclosures are engineered to reduce cabinet resonance effectively. The exterior of the speaker is finished in an elegent wood accent that fits both comtemporary decor as well as setups with a vintage vibe.

        Silk Dome Tweeters
        and 4’ Bass Drivers

        The P17 uses a ? - inch silk dome tweeter allowing for more room at the high-end. For bass, a 4-inch driver is used for smooth, rich, low frequency sound. Each speaker also has a bass reflex port that adds emphasis to the mid woofer.

        Versatile Placement Options

        The P17 is designed to fit perfectly on shelfs, deskstops and the walls. Complete your home theatre with Edifier’s passive speakers. The P17 features a wall-mount bracket built-into each speaker allowing for use as rear channel or surround speakers.

        Just add an amplifier

        Unboxing of the P17 is nothing less than a pleasant experience. A pair of speakers and two 6’ speaker cables come in a easy-to-open, frustration-free box. Connect them to an amplifier or receiver and start enjoying the warm and balanced audio.


        • 55 – 20,000 Hz
        • 77 dB (1W/1M)
        • 5W – 20W
        • 6 Ohm
        • 1700 Hz
        BASS UNIT
        • 4 inch (116mm)
        • φ19mm silk film tweeter
        NET WEIGHT
        • 6kg
        • 128 x 238 x 168 mm (WxHxD)